Sunday, April 17, 2005

Hardest one yet

Distance: 4
Speed: moderately fast
Level: Very Difficult

Today Geoff and Betsy set out to do an easy four miles, boy were they wrong! There was nothing easy about this run! They did run at a slightly faster speed and it was unbelievably hot out, but still, there are no excuses for the sad and gut wrenching run that just took place! So why was it so hard? Some might say that the pair was not properly hydrated, and others might look to what they had for breakfast that morning, but Geoff and Betsy will probably just grumble and say it had to do with all those annoying people from the regatta that wouldn't get out of their way! And they would have a dam good point! People just linger on the path having no regard for the runners or the bikers or anyone else just trying to get some nice weekend activity in! It is rude and quite frankly inconsiderate to everyone else! So the next time you are just lingering around chatting it up with your friends, be mindful of your surrounding. If you happen to be on a path that runners and bikers are using......move the conversation on to the grass and get out of the frigin way!!!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

On Their Way

Distance: 6
Speed: Unknown
Level: Moderate

Well, Geoff and Betsy are over the 5-mile hump! You might be wondering why Geoff and Betsy are running on Wednesday instead of the normally scheduled Tuesday run! Well, Geoff was recovering from a cold and the pair decided that he better not push himself on Tuesday. Today, Geoff and Betsy started the run late because Betsy had a board meeting with her sister Katy for the Friends of the American Cancer Society, which everyone should attend the Party with a Purpose in the fall!!!! OK, OK, back to the run! It was a little cold and there were a lot of gnats flying around but other than that the run started out great! They ran a slowish first three miles, which took them almost to the end of Kelly drive, and then really pushed it out for the last three back to the Art Museum! Around the end of the run Betsy thought that if she took off running fast at the end she would create a gap that Geoff surely couldn't close! As she is really racing to the end, all of a sudden....Geoff takes off from behind and zooms past, leaving Betsy in the dust and beating her by a long shot! As the two are trying to catch their breath, a flash comes whooshing by on rollerblades and screams, "Hey guys!" To their surprise, it was Betsy's cousin Brad on his way out to Kelly drive for some rollerblading fun! Philadelphia.......what a small city!

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Fresh Legs???

Distance: 4
Speed: Unknown
Level: Difficult

After the 5 miles run just days before, Geoff and Betsy were really feeling the aftermath of the long run when they set out to run an easy 4. It was late because Geoff and Betsy both had work commitments and it looked like it might rain. Although Geoff was really hurting, he definitely pushed them through by constantly increasing the speed little by little! Physically, this run felt much harder than the 5 mile run which may be in part to not having fresh legs. Towards the end of the run Geoff and Betsy have developed this tradition of sprinting it out and racing each other to the finish line! Last time Geoff beat Betsy by a long shot but this time she took him out and beat him!!! Both runners are going away for the weekend and therefore cannot run until Tuesday! Well at least they will have fresh legs for their next conquest, the dreaded 6 miles!!!!

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

And They're Back in the Game

Distance: 5
Speed: unknown
Difficulty: moderate

Today was such a beautiful day out that Geoff and Betsy decided to run outside! They drove down to Kelly drive and as they were getting out of the car the bumped into Theresa, a co-worker of Betsy and the person who coerced Geoff and Betsy into doing the Broad Street Run!!! After a short chat and a bathroom stop, Geoff and Betsy set out for their first attempt at 5 miles! The first half of the run breezed by, the air felt great, the conversation was interesting, and the scenery was glorious! The second half of the run was a little harder for Geoff! His legs and back started to tighten up and although he never broke pace, it was a bit of a struggle. Betsy on the other hand, and for the first time ever, felt really great! In fact she felt like it was a breeze, which she decided to say over and over again until it drove Geoff crazy! They both decided that running outside is the way to go and will try to make a huge after work push to keep the mileage on the up and up! It should also be noted that Kelly drive is an amazing resource that the city of Philadelphia offers to its residents! The best thing about today’s run was that it was the half way mileage point for race time!!!

Sunday, April 03, 2005

On The Up And Up

Distance: 3
Level: Difficult

Today’s run is dedicated to Geoff! Geoff had to drag Betsy and her lazy bones up to that gym with promises of renewed energy and ice cream for dessert!!! Of coarse once up and motivated she was extremely grateful for the motivational help! Geoff and Betsy have really slacked off for the past few weeks and today was the day they were getting back in the game! It was tough….. they thought they would be able to just pick up where they had left off, but unfortunately that was not the case! Hopefully they will be able to pull it together in time for the race!!!!

Thursday, March 31, 2005

sooooo sad

Distance: 2
G- 6.2
B- 5.7

Level: very difficult

This is what you get for taking almost two weeks off from running! The run was so pitiful that there is no need to say anything. :(

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Not So Bad

Distance: 4
Level: moderate’s run was easier than we thought!!! No physical problems, no mental problems, just smooth sailing right on threw! This weekend we are supposed to run 5 miles but since Betsy is going away and Geoff will be busy, we will have to start it up again on Monday! This will be the first real significant break from the running schedule so we will just have to wait and see how Geoff and Betsy will handle it!